San Remigio Beach Club
San Remigio Beach Club

In the balmy tropical country of the Philippines, Cebu has become a byword for "beach". Natural white beaches, a slice of the blue Pacific, coral gardens and tropical fishes await you. The entire province is ringed with beautiful beaches and enticing islets. Your options are endless.

But for a vacation that will create lasting impressions of this veritable paradise of sun and sand, head to the island's north end.Find yourself in San Remigio, where you will catch a glimpse of the longest coastline in the entire province of Cebu, and experience the unparalleled hospitality of the Cebuanos. The San Remigio Beach Club is northern Cebu's answer to life and leisure combined. We have 51 rooms ranging from the comfortably spartan to the gratifyingly luxurious, food outlets serving up savory cuisine, a wide choice of sports facilities, all set up in refreshingly natural surroundings of coconut trees, sand , shore and sea. To complete the San Remigio experience, one has to reach beneath the island's surface, literally, and see beauty that takes your breath away. Scuba diving off the waters of San Remigio is an experience certain to give you many beautiful memories.

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