San Remigio Youth Federation conducts 2nd Municipal Youth Congress
Jamaica O. Malingin, San Remigio Youth Federation External Vice President
San Remigio Youth Federation conducts 2nd Municipal Youth Congress

SAN REMIGIO, CEBU - San Remigio Youth Federation held its 2nd Municipal Youth Congress last May 22-24, 2017 at Tambongon, Cebu.

More than 150 youths from different barangays of the Municipality of San Remigio arrived on May 22, Wednesday at Tambongon Integrated School around 7 in the morning to take part in the various activities the SRYF officers had lined up for them. A parade took place at 8:00 am after every participant was given name tags and t-shirts and then followed by the opening ceremony.

Mr. James Caberio, Religious Subsector Commissioner, addressed his warm welcome to every youth who had taken the chance to make new friends and exhilarating experiences and he also hoped everyone to enjoy the 3-day activity and get something worth pondering from it.

With a theme “Channeling Youth Energy for a Positive Change”, participants were subjected to go through some activities that will help them revitalize and illuminate their fertile young minds. Drug Awareness Seminar was held as it was imperative for every one of them to be aware of how the issue has grown rampant in the society over the years especially since the youngsters of today don’t seem to conform to the community’s idea of them being the great future of the country.

Moreover, the U4U Teen Trail, known to be a kind of activity that is interactive and informative, was conducted too and was facilitated by some of the SRYF officers and KABATA members. Every panel presented a form of knowledge that either strengthens the self-esteem of the participants or shapes the way they see their surroundings.

Furthermore, with Mr. Angelo Mercede tackling about discovering love, most of the participants seemed to get a tad bit emotional as they let the powerful words of Mr. Mercede flow to their system and sink in, shattering their defenses. Games and in-depth learning experiences were held too that appeared to bridge whatever gaps the participants were having and these just fortified their bond too.

Although participants were physically and emotionally spent at the end of the 3-day activity, the fact that smiles were pasted on their faces and independence, wisdom, and maturity were mirrored from their eyes made the 2nd Municipal Youth Congress an event brimming with success.

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